About - Pinto's Farm


Pinto's Farm, located in Miami's historic and luscious countryside-Redland, is more than a family owned and operated farm; it is the fruit of a family's love for animals and nature combined with a desire to provide others an oasis away the busyness of city life. 

In 2011, when the Pinto family was presented with the opportunity to purchase land in Miami's Redland, they knew they could not pass it up. They knew that with Manuel's background in finance and economy and with Angela's background in hospitality management the family's dream to set up a business for children, families, and the entire community to experience nature as they had when they were children could finally take root. 

The family began a labor of love and soon turned the farm in to what is now one the most beautiful venues in South Florida the perfect place to host memorable events. 

The Pinto's continue their hard work and the many fun activities at the farm are now open to the public during the day. In addition, they have also opened a Farmers Market where only the most delicious milkshakes and smoothies are sold.

The farm is now operated by second generation, Manuel Pinto III who has majored in Economics and Cristina Pinto, majoring in Business Administration. They are very enthusiastic about the future and ready to take the farm to the next level. They have great plans for expansion, including a microbrewery which is expected to open in 2019.

It is no doubt that Pinto's Farm is becoming one of the most desirable places in South Florida to celebrate that special day. Dedicated employees are ready to assist you whether you want to plan a large event or take a simple break with your family.