Patagonian Mara

(Dolichotis patagonum)

Meet our newest furry friend; a pantagonian Cavy or also sometimes referred to as a Mara. No, he is not a rabbit, nor a kangaroo! He is actually more closely related to the common guinea pig! Take a close look and you will notice why. Maras have stocky bodies, and unlike rabbits have three sharp-clawed digits on the hind feet, and four digits on the fore feet. Most maras have brown heads and bodies, dark rumps with a white fringe around the base, and white bellies. One cool fact about Maras is that they mate for life. Once they fall in love they stay in love with the same Mara all tier life! 

They come all the way from Argentina, where their population is struggling due to habitat loss and competition from the non-native European Hare. 

These amazing little animals can amble, hop, gallop, or even bounce on all fours. They are super friendly once they get to know you, so come on by and check them out.